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1. When we are at Phuket Airport, how can we go to our hotel?
Answer When you are at Phuket Airport, there are many ways to go to your accommodation as following;
• Taxi service: it is the easiest and fastest way to use the taxi service, in the arrival hall there is the taxi service booth. You can contact them and tell your hotel name, they will immediately lead you to the car and take you to your hotel.
• Airport bus: As the information page, you can find the Airport bus in 2 places; first floor outside the arrival hall or second floor next to Burger King Restaurant. The price for Airport Bus is THB 100 per person. The limitation of Airport bus is final place that they will drop is Big C Super Center. You have to find the local shuttle to connect to each beach.
• Share van: This share van will park at front of the arrival hall, there are 9-11 persons can be seated. The price for share van is about THB 130 – 150 per persons.
2.When we are the hotel, how can we go to each attraction?
Answer Like the transportation from Airport to accommodation, taxi still be the easiest and fastest way to go to each attraction. Now you can choose 2 options of taxi, firstly is the hotel limousine and another one is the outside taxi (there is the taxi service station at the public area around your hotel). The price is depending on the distance.
Apart from taxi service is the shuttle or local shuttle, they will start from Phuket town (Down town) to each beach i.e. Phuket town to Patong Beach or Phuket town to Kata Karon Beach. The price for local shuttle is THB 30 – 50 depend on the distance that you will drop off.
Lastly is car rental service, you can go to the attraction by yourselves with one of Phuket map. You can find the car rental service since you are at Phuket Airport or at your excursion or tour desk in your hotel. Some tourists love to rent the motorcycle rather than car. The price for car is about THB 1,000 – 1,500 per day and the price for motorcycle is THB 200 – 250 per day.
3.How to choose the accommodation?
Answer Most tourists will choose the accommodation by the beach and attractions;
Patong Beach: there are many entertainments and night life places in Patong Beach. People who love to enjoy this kind place will choose to stay in Patong Beach. This beach also has the biggest Department Store named “Jungceylon” as well as many well-known restaurants i.e. Savoey Restaurant, Buffalo Steak House, Pan Rim Pa Restaurant, Two Chefs, and etc. Patong Beach is very near to Phuket Town and other beaches (Kata, Karon, and Kamala Beach)
Kata & Karon Beach: These 2 beaches is positioned as the Family Beach, most people now choose to stay at Kata & Karon Beach but still go to Patong Beach at night time because they think they can have the real relaxation. Kata & Karon also have the attraction like the Kata View Point and Kata & Karon Shopping Center. There are many restaurants for example Mali Seafood Restaurant (Kata Beach) and Mali Seafood Karon (Karon Beach)
4.Traveling Season in Phuket
Phuket is separated into 2 main seasons as following; High Season: is fallen into the month of November until the end of April. There are many travelers come to Phuket because their countries is winter or another reason is Phuket has no rain. They can enjoy the real sun bathing during daytime. The average temperature is about 75ºF to 89ºF or 24ºC to 32ºC. Low Season or called Green Season: is started from May till the end of October, Low season in Phuket means Phuket has some rain during these stated months.
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